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The Legend of ShenLi

The Legend of ShenLi Episode 25

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Mo Fang is possessed by Fu Sheng and survives the Battle of the Eastern Sea. Turns out Mo Fang is the son of the previous Spiritual Sovereign, Liu Ming. He was saved by Fu Sheng during the chaos from a thousand years ago. Mo Fang was weak when he was young. Fu Sheng has been living with him since he fed his heart Blood to Mo Fang. Later Mo Fang was sent to become an undercover at the Spiritual Realm’s army camp and knew Shen Li. Fu Sheng did not expect Mo Fang to fall for Shen Li and release her again and again. Mo Fang purposely got hurt previously so Shen Li could escape from her marriage. If Shen Li married to the Immortal Realm, they would have one less obstacle in their plans. (Source: Viu)

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Episode Name:Trapped in the Array

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