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The Legend of ShenLi

The Legend of ShenLi Episode 26

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Under Fu Sheng’s control, Mo Fang comes to see Shen Li and activates the Silk Thread Formation by inserting Ice Needles into her body. Shen Li points out that Bei Xiao Yan’s betrayal of the Northern Sea royal family led to them becoming puppets of Fu Sheng. Even though he has his reasons, Shen Li still thinks that betrayal is unforgivable. With the Silk Thread Formation activated, the Blue Sea Pearl within Shen Li’s body will be extracted within three days. In order to save Shen Li, Mo Fang takes control of his own body using his own will. He rescues Shen Li from the prison and places her by the Eastern Sea while he distracts the pursuers. (Source: Viu)

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Episode Name:Rare Moments

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